Losse Lay Vinyl Flooring

Size: 6×36,6×48,7×48,9×48,24×24 inch

Thickness: 4.0-5.0mm

Wear layer: 0.3-0.7mm

Backing type: waved anti-slip design


1.       Special raw materials formula, making the loose lay vinyl flooring excellent subsiding effect.

2.       No glue, no click, only lay the loose lay vinyl flooring on the ground, the easiest installation until now.

3.       100% virgin raw material, making the loose lay flooring excellent resilience and foot feeling.

4.       Specially filling with iron ions, making the loose lay flooring anti-static effect, so, suitable for the special sites, laboratory for example.

5.       Super fire proof and sound absorption, creating comfortable living condition.

6.       Super anti slip, wear resistant, water proof, moisture proof and anti mildew.

7.       Fulfilling international environmental protection standard, no formaldehyde, no pollution.